Slip Rings for Modern Textile Industry Equipment

May 8, 2023
Latest company news about Slip Rings for Modern Textile Industry Equipment

The modern textile industry is closely related to people's daily lives. This industry has gone through many years of development, from manual labor in the agricultural era, to steam-powered machinery in the steam era, and now to highly automated and intelligent machinery. Slip rings and their integrated products are components used on automated machinery to solve the problem of 360° unlimited rotation of electricity and gas, and are widely used in textile machinery.


JINPAT is an internationally renowned slip ring manufacturer, and its products, both standard and customized, are widely used in textile machinery. Among them, the hollow shaft series slip ring is one of the most commonly used products in textile equipment, mainly consisting of two series: LPT038 and LPT050, with corresponding aperture sizes of 38.1mm and 50mm, and 6, 12, 18, and 24 passages, corresponding to current sizes of 5A, 10A, and 15A. Textile machinery with higher power uses slip rings with more passages and larger current.


In addition to standard slip rings, JINPAT also provides a large number of customized hollow shaft slip rings for use in automatic textile machinery, including ordinary electric signal integrated products and gas-liquid-electric multi-module combination slip rings. For example, the LPT000-0810-21S-01A is a product that uses a slip ring center through-hole to integrate a single passage gas-liquid slip ring, with 8 passages of 10A current and 21 signal modules integrated into the electric slip ring module.


In addition to the hollow shaft series slip ring, JINPAT also has many cases of pancake slip rings used in textile machinery. The structure of the pancake slip ring is different from that of the hollow shaft slip ring, with the copper ring arranged in a concentric circle on the same plane and connected by contact with a spring. This structure makes its total height in the mechanical equipment very low, not increasing the height of the shell can be controlled within 10mm, and the height after adding the shell does not exceed 30mm. However, the contact friction of the pancake slip ring results in a much shorter service life compared to the hollow shaft slip ring with the same electrical parameters. This is also why this type of slip ring has fewer application cases in the textile industry.