Solution for Filling Machine

July 13, 2018
Latest company news about Solution for Filling Machine

       Filling machines or fillers are used for packaging, mainly for food/beverage but for other products as well.


      JINPAT slip rings have been applied to many kinds of fillers covering auger/agitator filling machines, flow filling machines, tablet fillers, positive displacement pump fillers. The filling machine slip ring is in compact design and flat structure is available to fit challenging installation space. Besides transmitting current and signal in 360° rotation including sensor signal, servo signal, USB, and Ethernet signal, gas transferring is supported with large working pressure. Rotating speed is able to reach 18,000 rpm to meet different needs. Moreover, maintenance is of no necessity when confronting regular cleaning of the filling machine. Reliable performance with long service life surely makes a standard operation of the filling plant.

In general, the filler slip ring manufactured by JINPAT is equipped with the ideal performance for its application. Also, more customized parts can be dealt with technical support.




◆ Transmit current, signal and gas in 360° (supporting integrated transmission)

◆ Reliable performance

◆ High rotating speed is available

◆ Compact design, optional figure

◆ No maintenance

◆ Long service life