Vehicular Slip Rings

April 14, 2020
Latest company news about Vehicular Slip Rings

Reliable signal and power coupling in the most rugged battlefield conditions

The increasing complexity of modern military vehicles demands slip rings that provide reliable electrical interfaces between the stationary and rotating parts of these vehicles. JINPAT slip rings have been chosen to operate on numerous vehicular programs to meet these challenges. M1 / A2 and M60 tanks, A2 / A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, Stryker, Light Armored Vehicles (LAVs), and V150 Commando Vehicles are just a small sample of these vehicular programs.

Technological developments have yielded stabilized gun systems, laser target acquisition and fire control systems, and high bandwidth data communications that create unique demands for vehicular slip rings. We meet all of these challenges effectively and economically. As JINPAT engineering department can tailor a slip ring for your vehicular application, often within the existing envelope. Contact us with your requirements.