What Kinds of Slip Rings Fit in Minesweepers?

November 20, 2020
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Minesweepers play an important part in the navy combat system worldwide. A minesweeper is the pioneer in a combat, cleaning way for the ally vessels. For the important mission the minesweeper shoulders, the minesweeper earns an important and unique position in the navy combat system. As a professional slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT Electronics has been keeping a close eye on the slip ring’s applications in military industry. Generally speaking, advanced technology infused modern military vessels are equipped with various types of slip rings.


As a special military vessel, the minesweeper tends to be equipped with a wide range of slip rings from radar slip rings to inertial guidance system slip rings. And because of its special task, a minesweeper also adopts specific slip rings that are less seen in other vessels. A minesweeper has to enter mine field to handle torpedoes and magnetic mine. So, in order to minimize the magnetism, modern minesweepers adopt special glass fiber reinforced plastics as hull material. For some other minesweepers, wood is used to build the hull.


As a professional slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT Electronics now present to you how slip rings work in minesweepers. Modern minesweepers are loaded with various kinds of non-physical trigger demining tools like electromagnetic mine sweeping devices and acoustic mine devices. These two types of mine sweeping devices integrate electromagnetic generator or sound generator on the special cables. Through releasing analog electromagnetic field and analog sound to trigger the torpedoes. During operations, special cable reel is used to release and withdraw the cables. Slip rings are installed in this cable reel to provide constant drive as well as signal transmission.


The power and signal capacities of the slip rings are particularly valued in a minesweeper. Besides, slip rings should be in high protection grade given the special operation environment of the minesweepers. JINPAT has plenty solution for this application field. As mentioned before, there are also strict requirements in terms of the magnetism in the minesweeper. JINPAT has R&D experience in mini-size magnetic-free and low magnetic slip rings. JINPAT can develop specific slip rings and rotary joints for minesweepers that demand no/low magnetic. JINPAT adopts aluminum alloy or glass fiber reinforced plastics as the housing material for the slip rings and copper components for the inner structure. JINPAT is an expert in designing and making slip rings. Consult with our technology team to get a perfect solution for your application!