What Makes JINPAT Slip Rings Stand Out

April 12, 2022
Latest company news about What Makes JINPAT Slip Rings Stand Out

There are many slip rings in the market today, and JINPAT Slip Rings are well-received among the clients and win a good reputation in the global market. So what makes JINPAT Slip Rings stand out among all the brands?

To begin with, JINPAT Electronics is a historical slip ring manufacturer in China. Since establishment, JINPAT Electronics has spared no effort in doing R&D on slip rings, rotary joints, rotary unions as well as the more complex integrated solutions. With years of devotion to the field, JINPAT Electronics has come up with several standard slip ring categories like capsule slip ring that features mini size models, through bore slip ring that with a center through hole, flat pancake slip ring that resemble a disk and separate slip ring, etc. JINPAT Electronics, with its insight in the slip ring industry, has develop many offshore slip ring models in different types. JINPAT is able to give a fast response to the client’s order. With a mature production system and strong production team, JINPAT is able to produce a large quantity of slip rings upon request.

In terms of quality management, JINPAT Electronics has a vigorous inspection system. Right from the choices of material to the final before delivery inspection, JINPAT has a close tracing of each procedure and therefore ensure the production process are standardized. Let alone the high-end processing machines that can guarantee a top precision of the slip ring units. Our skilled workers have gone through lots of training programs. With all these effort, JINPAT slip rings represent high quality.

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