What Role Slip Ring Plays in Underwater Exploration?

November 26, 2020
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Early this month, China’s submersible “Fendouzhe”, also known as “Striver”, completed an eye-catching mission at the bottom of Mariana Trench. “Fendouzhe”is a manned submersible with robotic arms. It completed the mission of retrieving the biological samples and sonar "eyes" that use sound waves to identify surrounding objects. China and the world are looking forward to revealing secrets of this deep part of the earth.


For underwater explorations, slip rings are very important components. For the case of “Fendouzhe”, can you figure where the slip rings step in? Yes, the robotic arms! And for other marine exploration projects, Remote Operate Vehicles(ROVs) are preferred over manned submersibles. ROVs eliminates the human presence in the water. They are simpler and safer to conduct than other occupied-submersible or diving operations since through ROVs, operators can stay safe on ship decks, avoiding potential risks for human. And in ROVs, the system won’t be able to function without the use of slip rings.


A ROV is connected to the main ship through a surface winch and an underwater tether management system that manage the cable wheeling. Slip ring assemblies are installed in both the winch and the tether management system. The slip rings provide sufficient bandwidth for the multiple video, sonar and telemetry systems signals required to operate the ROV and complete tasks deep in the ocean. JINPAT Electronics have developed various types of slip rings that fit in ROVs. JINPAT Fiber Optic Rotary Joints can perfectly answer the data transmission requirements of the ROVs. But fiber optic rotary joint is not enough, hybrid schemes are usually required for power transmission with the fiber optic rotary joints. JINPAT provides custom fiber optic rotary joints with integrated electrical slip rings. The hybrid slip rings can guarantee reliable data and signal transmission while providing constant power support.


JINPAT LPFO-02B Photoelectric Integrated Slip Ring/ Rotary Joint


Advantages of JINPAT Fiber Optic Rotary Joints:

  • Multiple signals transmission, such as video, sonar, control and Ethernet signal, etc. Safe and reliable transmission with low loss and interference.
  • Small in volume and light in weight that is easy to integrate with electric slip ring, and system is easy to upgrade and change.
  • Providing the world's smallest single-channel fiber optic rotary joint, as well as double channels, four channels, ten channels or even more channels.
  • High protection grade. Good shock proof and impact endurance. Able to operate smoothly under harsh environment.