wind turbine blade pitch control slip ring

October 26, 2016
Latest company news about wind turbine blade pitch control slip ring

wind turbine blade pitch control slip ring



Slip rings provide a reliable transmission of power and signals from stationary cables in the nacelle to rotating equipment in the hub.


wind-turbine service market is growing tremendously as the turbine population ages and asset owners are looking for ways to control maintenance costs, and maximize turbine availability and output. New solutions are needed to replace older technology slip rings in turbines with long-life, high-reliability designs that can operate for years without maintenance.


when use restricted continuous ratation blade 360 degrees, we should be connected to the rotating parts.wire winding problem often at this moment, in order to solve this problem requires arotating connector, the rotation of the slip ring acts as the power and signal transmission connection. Wind power slip ring in the wind power generation system is responsible for the entire system of power, control signals and data transmission functions, is the critical component of the fan system. Jinpat after a large number of case studies and field visits, the wind power slip ring needs to solve various problems into consideration, And devises different solutions for different specific applications on the wind turbine.


JINPAT Recently researched and developed some new technology wind turbine slip ring, and be popular by lots of customers at the Beijing International Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition 2016.(19-21 Oct).


We has received a contract from some customers for long-life, low-maintenance wind turbine blade pitch control slip rings. These advanced wind turbine slip ring systems feature units refurbished and remanufactured to incorporate revolutionary. While other components of the slip ring require annual lubrication, these new electric brushes are capable of operating for up to 10 years without maintenance. The new wind turbine slip ring is designed to replace the OEM blade pitch control slip ring in a GE 1.5MW wind turbine. The slip ring is mounted on the hub with the same speed on the shaft. It prevents rotation through the suspension support. Slip ring is connected to the shaft of the gearbox and its interface should match the shape and dimensions of the gearbox shaft. provide wheel lighting power supply loop and have thermostat adjustable heater. own speed measurement device to strengthen the fan monitoring and fan safety protection. provide power supply for pitch system, transmit control signal and communication signal.


We JINPAT specialize in slip ring field for 20 years, with abundant experience and becomes the leader in domestic conductive slip ring industry. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and don't miss an good solution.

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