Wind power applications

April 10, 2020
Latest company news about Wind power applications

Modern fans require transmission of power supply and control and communication signals from the hub to the blades through slip rings to drive and control the blades of the blades, and they must be maintained in harsh environments (such as remote, low temperature, seawater and oil corrosion, etc.) Reliable transmission performance, so a highly reliable slip ring is one of the most important components to ensure the normal operation of the fan. It must ensure that the quality of the slip ring is reliable and the performance is stable. JINPAT is the earliest slip ring manufacturer in China to develop wind slip rings and realize mass production. After years of actual operation of the wind farm, it has accumulated rich experience and continued to improve. At present, its products cover wind turbine variable slip rings from 250KW to 5MW.
Technical specifications:
Power supply: 5 channels, 60A / channel, 400V
Auxiliary power: 3 channels, 16A / 230V
Signal: 7ch, 5A / ch, 24V
Data signal: 7 channels, 100MBit / s
Main power: 5 channels, 60A / channel, 400V
Auxiliary power: 4 roads, 16A / roadside 230V
Signal: 11ch, 5A / ch, 24V
Data signal: 11 channels, 100MBit / s
1. Gold contact material, low pressure, low wear and long life.
2. Germany imported quick connector
3. Long life: up to 20 years
4. Multi-point contact, more reliable
5. Power, signal, data transmission combination, anti-interference design.
6. Arc protection design
7. Protection level: IP65