JINPAT Electronics Professional Slip Ring Manufacturer for 3D Scanner Robots

August 5, 2022
Latest company case about JINPAT Electronics Professional Slip Ring Manufacturer for 3D Scanner Robots

Once the new technology passes the industrial tests, it will no sooner go into wide application. Machine vision is a very good example of such. Machine vision firstly appears in automatic manufacturing industry to inspect faults on various products. As an advanced testing technology, it can operate independently or be integrated with industrial robots to complete process like 3 dimensional scanning. In most circumstances, machine vision devices with 3D scanning need high definition video signal slip ring or integrated slip ring with HD video signal capacity.


Recently, Chinese researchers combine machine vision with industrial robot so as to scan the 3D graphics of Qin Shihuang Terracotta Army. Though the devices applied don’t involve slip rings, but they draw a grand outlook of the combination of machine vision and robot. JINPAT Electronics, as a household name in the China slip ring industry, has provided hundreds of slip ring and rotary joint solutions for industrial robot and machine vision.


Therefore for the mixed technology, JINPAT Electronics also has solutions that fit the demand.Industrial robots, since they have a very long operational time to meet the production requirement, they have high standards in reliability of the slip rings. Meantime, machine vision enables shooting high definition and ultra high definition graphics and videos, therefore the slip rings should acquire capacity of transmitting high rate visual data. JINPAT has slip ring models that fulfill both the requirements. JINPAT custom through bore slip rings answer that of the industrial robots while JINPAT LPCC high definition video slip rings work for the machine vision. JINPAT LPCC slip rings are able to allow 12G-SDI high definition data transmission.


JINPAT slip rings designed for industrial robots have models in super mini size that of a minimum diameter of 6.5mm and bigger figure that support hundreds watt power transmission. As for 3D scanner robots, most are small/medium-size slip ring models. that is to say they are through bore slip rings and capsule slip rings with small bore diameter or diameter.


LPC1C slip ring is a very mature JINPAT standard slip ring branch and can be directly applied to the 3D scanner robots. Aside from the small and medium size products, JINPAT Electronics also excels in developing super miniature SDI high definition video slip rings with diameter less than 10mm. They are perfectly fit for 3D scanner robotic arms with a limited installation space.