JINPAT Electronics Computer Signal Integrated Electrical Slip Rings

August 3, 2022
Latest company case about JINPAT Electronics Computer Signal Integrated Electrical Slip Rings

On many high-end electromechanical facilities, there are electrical slip rings. To enable interactions between automatic machine and computer, slip rings with capacity to transfer computer signals like Ethernet, USB and HDMI, etc. are needed. As industrial elite in the slip ring and rotary joint industry, JINPAT Electronics has developed over a thousand computer signal integrated electrical slip rings. Standing on the base of a strong R&D capability, JINPAT slip rings excel in stable and reliable signal transmission as well as long product life.


Ethernet signal is the most commonly adopted form of signal in the automatic electromechanical devices. Therefore, among JINPAT computer signal integrated slip rings, Ethernet signal slip rings takes up the largest proportion. The amount of USB slip rings ranks second, while the rest are HDMI slip rings and DP slip rings. For Ethernet signal transmission, JINPAT has slip rings that transmit 100M Ethernet signal and Gigabit Ethernet signal respectively. Besides, there are also solutions that integrate both 100M Ethernet signal and Gigabit Ethernet signals.

The technical challenge in producing Ethernet slip rings is to control the package loss rate. Especially for big through bore diameter slip ring models, it would be more demanding in signal match. JINPAT Electronics stands out in developing Ethernet integrated electrical slip rings with large bore diameter. At present, JINPAT is able to produce 100M Ethernet slip ring with a through bore diameter of 300mm max, and Gigabit Ethernet slip ring 180mm, max. The large through bore design, make JINPAT Ethernet slip rings fit for large applications.


While Ethernet slip rings are compatible with large through hole design, the case is quite different for USB slip rings, especially those transmit USB3.0. USB slip rings have a strict restriction of bore diameter. Most of JINPAT USB slip rings are developed from small size standard slip rings like JINPAT capsule slip rings and miniature slip rings. JINPAT is now capable of integrating three USB3.0 channels in a slip ring which is very remarkable in the industry.


Slip rings that integrate USB3.0 signals and Gigabit Ethernet signals embrace a super high data transmission rate. They are installed in high-end automatic facilities and devices. JINPAT computer signal slip rings are known for their excellent and reliable performances. Contact us for more information.