JINPAT Electronics Provides High Power Slip Rings for Amusement Facilities

July 29, 2022
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Amusement park industry is a recreational field that is based on modern industrial facility. This industry entertains people by its thrilling facilities. Amusement parks around the world draw visitors and people keep returning for the laughter and scream they provides. And many of the entertainment facilities need rotary transmission of both power and signals, therefore slip rings need to be installed. JINPAT Electronics, as an established slip ring manufacturer, provides slip ring solutions not only for the heavy industry but also for the recreational industry.

Among slip rings designed for the amusement facilities, there are models based on capsule slip rings and through bore slip rings for small and medium size facilities. And as for facilities that are in large size and have higher demand in terms of power capacity, JINPAT also have large volume slip rings specially designed for them. The custom slip rings for large amusement facilities are integrated carbon brush slip rings. These slip rings consist of power module and signal module. The power module is a carbon brush structure slip ring that can endure high voltage and cater high power while the signal module integrates small size signal slip rings.


Now, we will be looking into some representative custom carbon brush slip rings. To begin with, LPA000-03300-02150-0230-E3 is large current slip ring. In the power unit, there are 3 300A channels and 2 150A channels while the signal module integrates 2 30A channels and 1 Gigabit Ethernet channel. This is a typical slip ring that is compatible with computer signals. The working voltage reaches up to 380VAC. The technical challenge lies in riding of the interference between signals and power. JINPAT Electronics with strong technical strength and sufficient experiences, manages to solve this problem and comes up with large current slip rings without interference and therefore ensure a reliable and safe power and signal transmission.