Common Applications of 18 to 30 Channels JINPA LPC Capsule Slip Rings

July 28, 2022
Latest company case about Common Applications of 18 to 30 Channels JINPA LPC Capsule Slip Rings

Capsule slip rings are JINPAT’s earliest independently developed products. In over 20 years since establishment, JINPAT Electronics has been doing R&D on capsule slip rings and has come up with more slip ring models. JINPAT capsule slip rings enhance greatly in performance and have a wide arrange of applications. By now, there are around 300 standard capsule slip ring models. Some slip ring with the same channel number has about 20 different sub models. Take JINPAT LPC capsule slip rings with 18 to 30 channels for example, they are slip rings with moderate size, multi models. They are highly cost effective and have the largest annual production.

These capsule slip rings are widely applied in middle and small size electro-mechanical devices. Now let’s take a look at some typical applications. On some high-end testing equipment, like total station, medical testing instrument, industrial testing devices and even everyday surveillance camera system, you can find JINPAT capsule slip rings.

For surveillance camera globes here and there, JINPAT capsule slip rings with 24 channels are perfect match. Some channels adopt twisted pairs to pass 100M Ethernet signals and Gigabit Ethernet signals. Some surveillance cameras demand transmission of SDI high definition video signals. To answer such demand, a coaxial wire with 75Ω impedance should be integrated with the capsule slip ring. As for pipeline inspection robots, there is also need for slip rings with high definition video signal capacity. JINPAT LPC-18 capsule slip rings are mostly adopted by CCTV system. LPC-18 capsule slip rings are also applied in gradienter, cardiovascular cerebrovascular detection instrument as well as nucleic acid detection analyzer.

And for various applications, slight differences are made to the LPC-18 models. For construction testing equipment, slip rings are mostly custom solution with 100M Ethernet channels. And in terms of medical devices, dynamic resistance fluctuation value of the slip rings is strictly balanced. JINPAT LPC-30 capsule slip ring, with more channel numbers show better power capacity and have more functions compared to those with 18 channels and 24 channels. These slip rings play a key role in automated production lines.

For details of JINPAT capsule slip rings and their application case, you can visit our website page or send us an enquiry directly. JINPAT Electronics will surely bring you a satisfactory solution!