JINPAT Electronics Slip Ring Manufacturer for Small-Size UAVs

July 12, 2022
Latest company case about JINPAT Electronics Slip Ring Manufacturer for Small-Size UAVs

With military tension here and there, military competency becomes a focus. And this phenomenon fosters the growth of advanced military equipment. Most important section is the UAVs. UAVs, since no human force is related in the battle scene, can cut down casualties. Generally speaking, a UAV is consists of the spatial awareness system and weapon system. And in the former system, slip rings play a part in enabling transmission of signal and current while allowing a free 360-degree rotation.

Slip rings are installed between the gimbal and the camera. The structure responses to the servo system and tile according to the order while allowing the camera to remain stable. Slip rings facilitate the transmission of current and signals. With over 20 years of experience in the slip ring industry, JINPAT Electronics has developed numerous slip ring model that can answer the harsh requirement in the aviation and military field. By far, JINPAT has developed multi-channel slip rings for surveillance camera both for military use and commercial purposes.

On the application end, the photoelectric globes on the UAVs are similar to those surveillance cameras in commercial area. That is why some JINPAT slip ring models can be used in these two aspects. In case of a combat UAV, the slip ring should take up a more complex structure, integrating various types of channel to enable a versatile and flexible signal transmission.

JINPAT LPC1C standard slip rings are specially designed for UAVs. This branch is a comprehensive invention based on LPC-T and LPCC. They are up for mass production while remaining at a practical prize. Such feature makes JINPAT LPC1C a perfect choose for dispensable small-size UAVs.

Likewise, by upgrading the wire to that with 50Ω resistance impedance, the LPCC can support devices with a peak power at 1KW. This type of capsule slip ring can serve well in the radar system for UAVs.

If the above mentioned solutions can not satisfy your demand, you can always talk to JINPAT’s technical team to make a personal customization. Our technician and R&D experts are experienced and skilled. Turn to JINPAT for more creative and efficient slip ring solutions!