JINPAT Electronics Module Design Slip Rings for Military Equipment

June 24, 2022
Latest company case about JINPAT Electronics Module Design Slip Rings for Military Equipment

In today’s military industry, the military equipment becomes more and more intelligent and edge-cutting. Especially in the industrial countries, there are more newly developed weapons and military equipment. China is one of the key player in industrial powers. Thanks to the economy development, China has accelerated its pace in developing new military devices. And as a vital component of electrical military devices, more attention and efforts are devoted into the slip ring industry.


As an established slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT has a large quantity of slip rings for military devices. Some of these slip rings are for traditional weapons and others are for new conception military applications. Clients can make custom slip ring solutions through combining modular slip rings or a brand new design. JINPAT’s modular design slip rings are very flexible and can be integrated to serve in the military application platforms.


Take the RWS, remote weapon system, for instance, it is a system consists of a weapon system and an electric-optical situational awareness system. This kind of remote weapon system can be applied in manual operating environment or unmanned intelligent platforms. And slip rings and rotary joints are essential components for these devices. JINPAT Electronics Modular Design Slip Rings LPCC is a single channel rotary joint module that can transmit high definition video signals. Power slip ring and infrared signal slip ring can be integrated inside the electrical slip ring.


Customers can choose a single channel radio frequency slip ring or fiber optic rotary joint in the modular design integration in order to enable different function of combat platform. Given that they are all-purpose slip ring models; a series of optimization are made on them. Besides, they have higher protection grading. These modular design slip ring also embrace excellent shock-endurance, vibrant endurance and cope well with the marine environment. Its brilliant integration of optical signals and radio frequency signal makes its compatible with various kinds of platforms like photoelectric turrets and radars.