JINPAT Electronics Multi-Functional Integrated Slip Rings

June 13, 2022
Latest company case about JINPAT Electronics Multi-Functional Integrated Slip Rings

Slip rings with small size are the most frequently used and widely applied slip ring kind. Among JINPAT Electronics slip rings, there are three series, namely JINPAT capsule slip ring LPC series, miniature slip ring LPM series and super miniature slip ring LPMS that feature mini size and light weight. JINPAT Electronics has hundreds of standard slip ring models of these branches. JINPAT Through Bore Slip Rings are also very popular in the industry. Both slip rings and rotary unions are most custom products for there are many details should be adjusted according to the installation platforms. Over 90% of JINPAT’s production are custom slip rings and rotary unions. And most of JINPAT’s custom solutions are based on the capsule slip rings and through bore slip rings.


So how are the two custom solutions different? To begin with, the small size slip ring branch is limited by its small volume somehow. Take the Gigabit Ethernet Integrated Slip Ring basing on LPM-30B for example, this custom slip ring solution can only integrate 3 channels at max. This limitation is due to the leads for Ethernet signals are twisted pairs which tends to take up more room than general cables. On the top of that, Ethernet signal demands better shielding layers.

Similar to Ethernet slip ring, HDMI slip ring and DP slip ring are also two special types. These two kinds of slip rings demand more channels and it’s more challenging to make impendence matching. The transmission of signals like HDMI, DP and USB3.0 are very sensitive to the slip ring size. The slip ring body are kept within certain range to facilitate impendence matching.

As for more sophisticated custom slip ring, a simple integration or medication is not enough. That’s when totally reconstruction come in. Some small size slip rings are installed within the through bore structure. And for other, JINPAT Electronics recommend a brand new design to fit the special needs.