Features of Military Robot Slip Rings

May 27, 2022
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As a professional slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT Electronics offer various slip rings for police and military equipment. One of the typical application is the spherical surveillance camera. JINPAT provides tens of thousands of slip rings for the surveillance cameras. Aside from JINPAT’s capacity of large scale production, JINPAT also wins a good reputation for its outstanding custom solutions.


The 21st century has witnessed the uprising of middle size and mini size robots. They are entering both everyday life and the military industry, bringing great revolutions to both. And to allow the flexible movement of the robot parts while transmitting power and signals, slip rings are installed. With the help of slip rings and rotary joints, the robot joint can move in an unrestrictedly while maintaining a reliable power and data transmission.


Just like other robots applied in the civil industry, military robots mostly operate in the outdoor environment. To ensure a lasting and stable operation of the robots under harsh conditions, there are rigorous requirement in their protection grading. Anti-shock and anti-impact performances are stressed in the military robot slip rings. JINPAT Electronics develop LPC-01C series for military robots. These collections are of the capsule slip ring branch which features small size and light weight. To ensure accurate data transmission, JINPAT has made great effort in the slip ring R&D and takes up a rigorous inspection system.


JINPAT Electronics has accumulated sufficient experience in developing special types of slip rings. And by far, JINPAT has many successful cases in related to military robots. Many clients return to us because of our excellent slip ring products. Contact JINPAT for more slip ring solutions!