JINPAT Electronics Slip Ring Provider for Agricultural Machineries

May 26, 2022
Latest company case about JINPAT Electronics Slip Ring Provider for Agricultural Machineries

As an essential industry which human race relies on, agriculture gains attention everywhere around the world. And people are working hard to improve production efficiency of the very field. It was the uprising of chemical engineering and machinery that finally kicked off the modernization of agriculture. Electrical slip rings, as irreplaceable conductive rotary parts are frequently used in modern agriculture machineries and equipment.


JINPAT Electronics is a pioneer in China’s slip ring industry. Aside from JINPAT standard slip rings that are targeting on commercial electronic devices, JINPAT also develops many custom slip ring solutions for specific department and industry. Agriculture is no exception.


Agricultural machineries are seasonal used application. Most are to help planting and reaping crops. And to cope with outdoor environment in extreme weather, the machines are expected to be at high protection grading.


That is to say, those slip rings applied on these kind of machines should have excellent vibrant-endurance, water-proof, dust-proof and so on. Take JINPAT’s custom through bore slip ring LPT012-0610 for example, it is a revised model from the standard slip ring model. This custom slip ring for agriculture machine is enhanced in anti-vibration capacity, with stator side facing upward, its protection grading reaches up to IP65.


LPT045-U2-06S is a relatively light type of slip ring which is designed for reaping machines. It integrates 1 USB2.0 channel and 6 sensor channel. With excellent electronic performance and great environment adaptability, this hollow shaft slip ring is well-accepted among clients.


JINPAT Electronics keeps developing its innovative ability while optimizing its production techniques and quality control. We are a customer-centered slip ring provider. So feel free to contact us to get a product catalogue or customization!