JINPAT High Power Slip Rings for Cranes

August 12, 2022
Latest company case about JINPAT High Power Slip Rings for Cranes

JINPAT Electronics is a professional rotary conductive solution expert. JINPAT has developed numerous rotary unions, slip rings and rotary joints for both the commercial field and industrial field. Standard product lines like capsule slip rings, miniature slip rings, flat slip rings are able to fulfill general demands of rotary transmission in the commercial electronic devices. As for machines that are used in industrial production and construction project, customization is needed.

In the construction project, the crane is key player to shoulder many mission. And in this machine system, slip rings are install to allow lifting and lowing of the crane arms as well as adjusting cable reels. And to provide sufficient drive, the slip rings are expected to have higher power load and able to cope with harsh working environment.


JINPAT LPTS000-0430-0705-02S and LPTS000-0530-1505 are two typical custom high power large current slip rings specially designed for cranes. Both the models take up through bore slip ring as a basic frame, and use FLRY-B cable to pass power. The FLRY-B reduces insulation thickness and have higher temperature withstanding properties, therefore make this custom slip ring especially fit for construction machines. In case of the structure, JINPAT LPTS000-0430-0705-02S has 4 30A power channels, 7 5A power channels and 2 CAN-BUS channel. The signal channels help to maneuver the rotation angle and help the slip ring to rotate in a commended way. LPTS000-0530-1505 is another large volume high power slip ring with 5 30A channels, 15 5A channels. Different from the former slip ring model, it has one testing signal channel also in FLRY-B cable that allow to transmit real-time data of the crane. Both these two large current slip rings are super reliable in power and data transmission. And plus the metal housing, they have high protection grading.

JINPAT Electronics is a very innovative and dynamic corporation, we have accumulation rich experience in slip ring R&D and have skilled and devoted technicians. Come to JINPAT Electronics for better slip ring solutions and products.