Medical Robot Gain Attention from the Slip Ring Manufacturer

August 15, 2022
Latest company case about Medical Robot Gain Attention from the Slip Ring Manufacturer

To substitute human labor, robots are introduced into wide arranges of field and ripples excellent effects. As a house hold name in the slip ring industry, JINPAT Electronics has developed numerous rotary joints and slip rings to serve the rotary transmission demands in the robots. From our current cases, most slip rings and rotary joints are applied in the traditional manufacturing industrial robots. With development of the technology, robots also step into other niche fields, surgical robots are the most typical. JINPAT Electronics has rotary conductive solutions for surgical robots.

Different from industrial robots that enforce high-intensity and repetitive labor, surgical robots need to assist surgeons to complete high-precision surgery in a short time. Some robots are to operate independently to move the patients and to complete certain checks. The works are relatively light but meticulous. For instances, slip rings are installed on surgical robots for cardiovascular surgery and treatment. The robots are expected to enable high definition video signal transmission and high-precision operation which help the surgeons to make diagnosis and operate on the small organs. The slip rings related are integrated models with capacity of transmitting SDI high definition video signals above 2K.


JINPAT Electronics as a private-ran and historical slip ring manufacturer keeps standing in the frontier of slip ring technology. And plus the well-earned reputation and large amount of funding on R&D, JINPAT Electronics has developed tens of slip rings and rotary joints for AI medical robots. JINPAT slip rings are applied in the orthopedic treatment robots, abdomen endoscope therapy robots and cardiovascular surgery robots. These slip rings are power and electrical integrated, and some are photoelectrical integrated models.

With a further investment in medical robots, medical robots with brand new functions are developed. And JINPAT also speeds up its R&D process to meet the needs in the market. Contact JINPAT Electronics for more efficient and reliable slip ring solutions.