JINPAT slip ring with truck crane

September 27, 2023
Latest company case about JINPAT slip ring with truck crane

Truck crane is a large industrial lifting equipment, in the truck crane, slip ring technology has an important application, because it is necessary to help this large lifting equipment for power transmission, signal transmission and data communication to support the lifting operation and control system. JINPAT for the crane application case, specially developed the corresponding LPTS000 series slip rings, below we will introduce the JINPAT slip rings in the application of truck crane:


1. Power transmission: Truck cranes usually need to supply power to various electric components, such as winches, telescopic arms, driving wheels, etc. The slip ring allows power to be transferred from the fixed part to the rotating part to keep these motorized parts running properly.


2. Signal transmission: The operator controlling the crane needs to communicate with a variety of sensors and control equipment to ensure safe and effective lifting operations. Slip rings are used to transmit control signals, such as remote commands, sensor feedback and safety signals, to enable the operator to remotely control the crane.


3. Communication equipment: The truck crane may be equipped with communication equipment, such as walkie-talkies, GPS, video surveillance cameras, etc., so that the operator can maintain contact with other team members or the monitoring center. Slip rings support the data transmission and power supply of these communication devices.


4. Data acquisition: The crane may be equipped with sensors to monitor hook load, arm position, wind speed and other information. Slip rings are used to transmit sensor data to the control system so that the operator understands the current operating conditions and can adjust accordingly.


5. Rotating mechanism: Cranes usually have parts that can be rotated, such as rotating arms or hooks. Slip rings are used to transmit power and signals on these rotating parts to ensure that the rotating motion is not bound by the cable.


From the above application cases, we can see that JINPAT's slip ring technology plays a key role in the truck crane. LPTS000 series slip rings can not only be used to support the power transmission, signal transmission and data communication of the truck crane, but also JINPAT's excellent slip ring quality ensures the safety, stability and operation efficiency of the crane. At the same time, it also improves the reliability and safety of crane operation.