JINPAT underwater equipment slip ring

September 27, 2023
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Slip rings also have some important applications in underwater working equipment, mainly involving power transmission, signal transmission and data communication. Therefore, JINPAT has also developed a special slip ring for water drop operation equipment, and the slip ring has the following common applications in underwater operation equipment:

1. Underwater robots

Underwater vehicles (ROVs and AUVs) are key tools used for underwater exploration, maintenance, scientific research and other tasks. JINPAT slip rings are used to transmit electricity to drive the robot's electric equipment, such as electric thrusters, cameras, control devices, etc. At the same time, the slip ring is also used to transmit control signals, allowing the operator to remotely control the movements and tasks of the underwater vehicle.

2. Measurement and sensing

Underwater operating equipment usually carries a variety of sensors and measuring equipment for monitoring various parameters of the underwater environment, such as temperature, water pressure, and water quality. JINPAT slip rings can be used to transmit sensor data, ensuring that the data can be transmitted back to the ground or control center in real time to support scientific research or engineering missions.

3. Oil fields and natural gas extraction

In the field of subsea oil fields and natural gas extraction, subsea equipment is used to install and maintain oil Wells and pipeline systems. JINPAT slip rings allow power and data transmission to support operators in monitoring and controlling the operation of subsea equipment, including wellhead trees, valves, pumps, and sensors.

4. Underwater communication

JINPAT slip rings are also used in underwater communication systems that allow two-way communication between underwater operating equipment and surface vessels or ground control stations. This is important for directing and monitoring underwater missions, as well as ensuring the safe operation of underwater operating equipment.

5. Environmental monitoring

JINPAT underwater slip rings can support environmental monitoring systems for monitoring Marine ecosystems and water quality. These systems often include multiple sensors, as well as data recording and transmission devices, with slip rings helping to transmit data to analysis sites for scientific research or environmental regulation.


Therefore, slip ring technology plays an important role in underwater operation equipment, JINPAT developed underwater equipment slip ring LPC-18A series, support power transmission, data communication and remote control, to ensure the efficient execution of underwater tasks and accurate data acquisition. These applications contribute to the success of deep-sea exploration, resource extraction, environmental monitoring and scientific research.