JINPAT Slip Rings for Intelligent Cooking Machines

November 30, 2022
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With the development of artificial intelligent, commercial products also step into the intelligent and automated era. In most of the commercial electronics that concern rotary transmission of power and signals, slip rings are essential parts.

Recent years has witnessed of household electronics like intelligent cooking machines. JINPAT Electronics, as a professional slip ring manufacturer that is keeping pace with the technology, has also come up with slip ring models for intelligent cooking machines.


On the intelligent cooking machine, the inner container need to rotate in a 360-degree. And to allow the cooking process while maintain the temperature at a certain degree, a slip ring is installed. The slip ring allows the inner container to rotate, meantime transmitting the thermal signals back to the control center. LPC-36A-0310-02S is a JINPAT capsule slip ring designed for this smart cooking machine. There are 3 10A power channel and a K type thermocouple. This mini slip ring is 22mm in its outer diameter and 57.3mm in length. This small size slip ring features low resistance value fluctuation and high stability. Just like any other slip rings produced by JINPAT, it has gone through a series of rigorous tests before delivery. JINPAT’s slip ring solutions earn a good reputation among the clients.

If you are looking for slip ring to fit in your application, you can browse JINPAT’s standard slip ring catalogue on our homepage. You are also welcomed to send us an email directly to talk about a custom slip ring solution. Contact JINPAT Electronics now!