Common Applications of Slip Rings Vol.2

November 1, 2022
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Slip rings are very practical electrical components that help simplify system and enhance system efficiency. In the former article, we have looked into some application cases of slip ring. And this time we will be further exploring how slip rings function on large-size applications.

In most construction machines like winches, cranes and vehicles, slip rings are adopted to enable a full function of the lifting arms or other rotary parts in the system while allowing signals to pass. There are many customized through bore slip rings designed for such purpose. Through bore design, also known as hollow shaft design, offers an excellent platform for further integration. Like those electronic systems that relates to a hydraulic mechanism, through bore slip ring are integrated with a hydraulic module.


Similar usage can be seen on marine construction machines as well as the advanced ship podded propeller system. You can see from solutions by the ABS, slip rings with case design and modular structure are favored. The metal case housing offers extra protection to the slip ring unit. With integrated rotary union, this slip ring solution allows pass of fluid and gas. The slip ring with high power capacity offers sufficient drive to the podded propeller. While enabling the propeller to adjust angle, the slip ring also plays a part in retrieving data back to the processing center.

As for entertainment facilities in the theme park, slip rings are also key components. For facilities like merry-go-arounds, slip rings act to rotate the rotary platform while transmitting audio signals and sensor signals that contribute to an excellent and safe entertainment experience. In such solutions, slip rings inherit characteristics from those applied in the industrial field. They tend to be integrated large current slip rings with Ethernet signal channels. Features as such allow slip rings to load high power and transmit signals in an effective and reliable way.

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