JINPAT Slip Rings for Automation Machines

October 26, 2022
Latest company case about JINPAT Slip Rings for Automation Machines

Slip rings and electrical rotary joints are adopted to prevent twisted cables and cable breakage due to rotation. Different from the slip ring designed for commercial electronics, slip ring for automation machines tend to be custom integrated solutions.

JINPAT with years of experience working with clients in the automated industry, has formed some mature solutions for automation machines. JINPAT automation machine slip rings can transmit various industrial signals like Ethernet signal, sensor signal, switch signal, throttle signal, digital signal, analog signal and so on. Meantime, with the development of optical fiber, JINPAT also has solutions for optical signal transmission.

Aside from general power and signal transmission, modern industry production has complex demand of other medium like fluid and gas. JINPAT puts forward an integration with rotary union that can pass fluid and gas while co-working with the electrical module.

Automation machines are to improve production efficiency, which means that they have a long operation hour. To ensure the stable operation of the machines, slip rings are expected to run a long product life. JINPAT slip ring adopts gold-to-gold fiber brush. Such contributes to a low friction rotation and therefore attain longer product life.

To satisfy requirements of automation machine like bottle filling machine and packing machines, a rotary union that allow pass of fluid and gas are integrated. And since such solutions take up module design, and have intact sealing, clients do not need to be concerned about leakage and interference.

With optional connecters and signal channel, JINPAT slip rings can transmit computer signals like Ethernet signal and USB signal. This make computer interaction rather convenient and efficient.

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