How JINPAT Slip Rings Work for the Medical Industry

October 10, 2022
Latest company case about How JINPAT Slip Rings Work for the Medical Industry

With the investment and development of medical research, there are more advanced medical equipment developed to facilitate medical process. And most automated equipment demand slip rings to conduct rotary transmission of signals and power. JINPAT Electronics is a slip ring manufacturer with independent R&D ability. JINPAT has provided many slip ring and rotary joint solutions for the medical industry.

The earliest applications of slip rings in the medical industry began on facilities like computer tomography scanners, the CT scanners. You can retrieve many client cases on such subject from JINPAT. JINPAT Through Bore Slip Rings with optional diameter is a prototype to build the custom integrated solutions for CT scanners. You can check such slip ring cases from our former articles.

Aside from the mainstream technology, slip rings are also applied in some relatively new medical equipment like robotic endovascular navigation. LPMS-04C is a super miniature slip ring developed for endovascular navigation system. Just like any other slip rings for medical equipment, this mini slip ring fulfills the demands of long life span, stable rotation and reliable power and signal transmission. Beside, its super mini parameters make the super miniature slip ring model perfectly fit in small and precise medical devices. JINPAT LPMS-04C allows the sensor head to rotate and transmit the imaging data back to the processing end.

Similarly, JINPAT also has some slip ring models designed for cardiovascular testing devices. LPC-D66-128S is one of the representatives. There are 66 channels among which 64 are signal channels. Such large amount of circuits is able to transmit data in an efficient way.

To better cope with the practical environment, JINPAT medical slip rings are with high protection grading and go through life span tests. JINPAT Electronics is an expert in slip ring. Contact us to get detailed information of our slip ring products.