Technical Introduction of JINPAT Simulation Rotary Table Slip Ring

September 22, 2022
Latest company case about Technical Introduction of JINPAT Simulation Rotary Table Slip Ring

Rotary platform is an essential simulation equipment to imitate operational environment for the tested devices. And on the rotary table, electrical slip ring is a key component. JINPAT Electronics, as a slip ring manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, has accumulated plenty of experiences in developing slip rings and rotary joints for the simulation platform. There are newly released slip ring models for simulation turntable. Let’s have a look at the features of these JINPAT slip rings.


LPC-0604-07S-01E3 is a lately delivered slip ring model with 5-year production experience. This lately delivered order contains over 100 pieces of custom capsule slip rings. And production volume of this slip ring model is over 1000 pcs. This simulation turntable slip ring integrates 6 4A power channel, and its signal module integrates 1 100M Ethernet slip ring and 1 RS signal slip ring. The total length of this mini size rotary joint is 42mm with a diameter of 20mm. The parameter is 2mm smaller than the standard slip ring with 6 2A channels. In short, it is a powerful integrated capsule slip ring. To facilitate installation on the rotary platform, the channel outlets are on the flank of the slip ring unit on stator side. Most of the simulation rotary platform slip rings take the same form of leads outlet.


Slip rings for rotary platform generally integrate Gigabit Ethernet signal channel to convey analogy signals when the simulation platform rotates. As the key player in transmitting signals for the simulation turntable, there is strict requirement on package loss rate of the Ethernet signal channel. JINPAT Electronics, as an edge-cutting slip ring manufacturer can keep the package loss rate within 1/107.


Another special characteristic on JINPAT multi-axis simulation rotary platform slip ring is through skill and high standard handling technique, user can put 4 slip rings in series at max. This a technical challenge aside from super low package loss. Beside, this custom integrated slip ring also stands out in product life, reliability and electronic performance. JINPAT Electronics wins a lot more clients by this technique strength representative product.