About Jinpat through bore slip ring benefits introduction

January 13, 2017
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Jinpat through bore slip ring has several standards models, such as LPT012, LPT038, LPT050, LPT070 and so on. And we can customize any central bore slip ring according to customers’ need. A conductive through hole is a kind of transmission device from fixed operating platform power line and different signals to transmitting rotary table by is fixed on the platform and various signal lines, by the smooth rotation. Our company is specialized in R & D, production and sales of various high-quality industrial conductive slip ring. The slip ring is well designed and has advanced manufacturing technology, leading domestic similar products on technical index.


A through bore conductive slip ring can be applied to 360 degrees continuous rotation when transmitting image and data signal. It is the key part of intelligent-ball camera, precise rotary table and other device. It has the feature of compact design, small volume, smooth running, low torque and low electrical noise. It’s widely used in the field of closed circuit monitoring, mechanical automation, security, military, factory automation, medical equipment and so on.