Slip Ring Mass Production Advantage

January 18, 2017
Latest company news about Slip Ring Mass Production Advantage

Conductive slip ring production has a strict requirement on the environment and processes. Especially for military electrical connectors, if there isn’t good quality, it will bring a big problem. When the quantity is small, it can only be produced by hand and can not be produced in mass production. In this way, the production cost is greatly improved, and the production efficiency is reduced. At the same time, as it is strict to environment and process, usually it needs a few times and manpower to complete for small quantities of a single.


First, due to the conductive slip ring has complex process in the production and process. In the large-scale production, it often appears redundant links and many processes. So for this case, each project will be similar to several processes according to its own characteristics. And we can combine it into one process. When the staff training, training can be several procedures together, which brings a lot of benefits in next changing and merging process.


Second, there are many benefits of mass production. The biggest advantage not only lies in reducing cost in the scale of intensive production of the slip ring. Sometimes the cost can be reduced to one in three or even one in four. Even when a large amount of customers, lower case, also can guarantee the basic profit slip ring of the factory. Even when there is a large amount of customers, and it has lower cost, it also can guarantee the basic profit of conductive slip ring. This is the reason why many factories like mass production rather than small orders.


Third, as long as conductive slip ring manufacturers make sure its competition on function, performance, convenience, reliability and other details factors, slip ring manufacturers can have strong competitiveness.