Application of JINPAT Pancake Slip Ring in Medical CT Scanner

September 3, 2020
Latest company news about Application of JINPAT Pancake Slip Ring in Medical CT Scanner

In medical devices, for example, in a CT system, it is required to reliably transmit high-power current, communication signals, and high-speed image digital signals, which requires high complexity and difficulty in the technology of the slip ring.

JINPAT slip ring of the crystal-splitting CT scanner is a special pancake slip ring. When scanning, the detector group continuously collects data to achieve mixed transmission of digital signals, analog signals, Ethernet signals, and power supplies. At the same time, JINPAT slip ring meets the life expectancy of 1 billion rpm, reduces the maintenance cost of medical equipment, and solves the key problems of medical equipment, and the scanning speed is greatly improved, and the image quality has a qualitative leap.

JINPAT Electronics, as a technology leader of the domestic slip ring, has taken the lead in breaking through the technical bottleneck based on long-term technology development and experience accumulation. We have developed a series of high-reliability special slip rings for the medical industry, which has been widely used in spiral CT Scanners, shadow-less lights, medical diagnostic equipment, etc.

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