JINPAT Pancake Slip Ring Specification

September 1, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT Pancake Slip Ring Specification

There are many devices where the required task is only done by the performance of rotation object, for this purpose we use pancake slip ring.

Pancake slip ring is a device, used for the transmission of electric voltage. It transmits the electric signals from static part to the rotary part of the machine. Pancake slip ring are basically used where vertical space is limited than horizontal speed. It housing is as same as through bore slip ring but special focus is on less height.

Pancake slip ring works same as high voltage slip ring. It also has two parts. One is stationary part and other is rotating part. Stationary part is made up of graphite or metallic. It is designed with high fiber brush technology.

The structure of pancake slip ring is not difficult as others. Conduction material is attached on flat plate and metal rings are attached on shaft. The volume and diameter of pancake slip ring varies with application and requirement. Special metals are used for connection making.

When the rotation of pancake slip ring starts, metallic brush which is stationary part of slip ring converts the electric signals to the metallic ring. Transmission of electric power is from stationary to rotary part.