Application of JINPAT Photoelectric Integrated Slip Ring on Offshore Winch

June 23, 2020
Latest company news about Application of JINPAT Photoelectric Integrated Slip Ring on Offshore Winch

JINPAT's latest optical fiber slip ring can be used in extremely harsh natural environments such as seabeds of thousands of meters deep, ultra-low temperature environment, high voltage, etc., even under the interference of high magnetic current, it can work normally without any interference. The safety of the slip ring is particularly good.

JINPAT Electronics developed a photoelectric integrated slip ring for offshore winches, which realized the dynamic transmission of ship terminal information and underwater terminal information. The main parts include optical fiber slip rings, electric slip rings, transmission bearings and seals. The assembly form adopts the combination module assembly of optical fiber slip ring and electric slip ring mechanism. Through the dynamic transmission of the optical signal, power supply and electrical signal of the photoelectric slip ring in the process of the winch cable house, the state of the photoelectric integrated slip ring is realized and the signal is perfectly transmitted.

In this combination, the JINPAT R&D team fully considered the advantages of optical fiber slip rings and electric slip rings. Coupling multiple optical signals through fiber collimator, Dove prism, and precise gear rotation structure, to achieve low insertion loss, high crosstalk and other optical performance indicators. For the electric slip ring, JINPAT chooses good conductive properties, wear-resistant materials as brushes and conductive rings, and uses performance materials with excellent insulation properties to construct the insulation layer. Precise calculation results in the safest creepage distance, which guarantees the withstand voltage and insulation of the conductive ring. With IP68, JINPAT finally realizes the perfect combination of the two and delivers the most satisfactory solution for customers.

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