What is the Difference of Radar-Specific Slip Rings

June 15, 2020
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The radar antenna slip ring is an electromechanical component that can transmit current and data signals from the fixed device to the rotating device. Slip rings can be used in electromechanical systems that require continuous rotation of current or data signals.

The main purpose of the radar antenna is to better receive and send data. It is usually placed in the open air to work. It is affected by wind, rain, ice, snow, sand and dust in the nature. For this reason, many ground and shipborne radar antennas are equipped with radomes. Airborne radar must be equipped with a radome to work on a high-speed platform to improve aerodynamic performance. The radome is made of a material with high electromagnetic wave transmission rate, which can protect the antenna from the harsh natural environment, reduce antenna wear, corrosion and aging, make the antenna performance stable and reliable, and extend the service life. The slip ring LPT000-0313-0810-80S-E3-HF03 & LPT000-0612-0510-41S-HF04 developed by JINPAT has the following characteristics:

 Durable in harsh environments, capable of transmitting large-capacity data and ensuring no leakage, no electromagnetic interference, and can transmit tens of hundreds of kilometers for long-distance networking applications
 With ultra-low attenuation loss and ultra-low transmission fluctuation
 Long life, maintenance-free, no need for lubrication