Application of JINPAT Slip Ring in Industrial Machine Vision

May 11, 2023
Latest company news about Application of JINPAT Slip Ring in Industrial Machine Vision

Because the production efficiency of the automation industry has been improved unprecedentedly, the products it produces can no longer be inspected manually, so machine vision was born. In addition to basic recognition and appearance defect detection, machine vision is also used for product positioning and motion guidance. In order to support the highly maneuverable operation of the machine vision lens, many robot vision systems will choose to integrate a slip ring with a high-definition video signal path. In addition to high-definition video signal slip rings, machine vision systems also use slip rings that integrate other types of signals.


At present, the signal integrated slip rings developed by JINPAT for machine vision are mainly SDI slip rings. According to the different resolutions of industrial cameras, the signal types supported by the matching SDI signal slip rings are also different. At present, the mainstream is still 3G-SDI signal integrated slip ring, and with the development of video technology, 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI high-definition video signal integrated slip ring also has a very broad application prospect. As an old player in the field of high-definition video signal slip ring, JINPAT Electronic SDI series high-definition video signal slip ring adopts ultra-high redundancy design, which can ensure the stability and reliability of signal transmission of slip ring in complex working environment.