Application of JINPAT Slip Rings on Industrial Robots 1

May 24, 2023
Latest company news about Application of JINPAT Slip Rings on Industrial Robots 1

The rapid development of industrial automation makes industrial robots widely used. In various workplaces with high labor intensity and harsh working environment, robots have replaced human labor. Typical manufacturing industries include automobiles, motorcycles, construction machinery, and electronic appliances. As one of the upstream industries of conductive slip rings, the rapid development of the industrial robot market has also ushered in the explosion of the conductive slip ring industry. As a pioneer in the domestic conductive slip ring industry, JINPAT Electronics also has very strong technical strength in the field of robotic slip rings.


Similar to the standard that JINPAT conductive slip rings are classified according to size, industrial robots can also be classified according to size and gripping ability. For example, the current smallest conductive slip ring of JINPAT Electronics is LPMS series products. The diameter of this series of products is within 10mm, and the smallest diameter is 5.5mm. As long as there is enough demand in the market, JINPAT Electronics can also develop products with a diameter of 4.5mm. . In the field of industrial robots, JINPAT’s ultra-miniature conductive slip rings also have a wide range of application scenarios. Several products in this series have been applied to small and micro industrial robots after adding metal support arms. Among them, the typical models are LPMS-06/08 series. This type of industrial robot equipped with JINPAT ultra-miniature conductive slip rings is mostly used in the manufacturing of small precision equipment such as microelectronics and precision instruments.