Application of JINPAT Slip Rings on Industrial Robots 2

June 2, 2023
Latest company news about Application of JINPAT Slip Rings on Industrial Robots 2

In addition to the conductive slip rings for small and micro industrial robots introduced to you before, JINPAT Electronics has also provided special conductive slip rings for industrial robots with various functions such as welding and handling. Among these products, the JINPAT high-life welding robot slip ring has also obtained the national utility model patent authorization (patent number: ZL 2018 2 1145796.X). JINPAT electronic welding robot conductive slip ring, the friction pair adopts gold-gold contact, advanced surface treatment, ultra-high smoothness and ultra-thick coating bring strong and stable performance, which can ensure extremely low contact resistance in the design cycle to effectively prolong working life. At present, this patented technology has been widely applied to the conductive slip rings of JINPAT industrial robots.


In addition, in the field of conductive slip rings for industrial robots, gas-hydraulic and electrical signal integrated slip rings are also very common. This type of product integrates the gas-liquid module and the gas-liquid module. There are two types of solid and through-hole types in terms of appearance and structure. The representative model of the first conductive slip ring is LPT000-0508-E2-01A. This type of product integrating 5 channels of 8A power ring, 1 channel of 100M network and 1 channel of gas channel, it has the advantages of small size and long design life. The gas-hydraulic-electric integrated conductive slip ring for through-hole industrial robots is represented by LPT080-0220-05S-01A. This integrated product has a central via hole of 80 mm and integrates a gas channel for larger industrial robots, in order to enable them to work in harsher environments, their design protection level has reached IP64.