The Secret of the Slip Ring

June 9, 2023
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As an industrial component, if you are not a related professional, you probably don't know what a slip ring is. As the first professional manufacturer of slip rings in the Pearl River Delta region, JINPAT Electronics needs to give you a brief introduction to the components of slip rings. From a basic concept, a slip ring is a part responsible for the transmission of energy, electro-optical signals, and fluid media between two relatively infinitely rotating bodies, and it can also be called "rotary union" or "rotating electrical connectors,". According to the transmission medium, slip rings can be divided into conductive slip rings (which can integrate various electrical signals), gas-liquid fluid slip rings, and smooth rings (optical fiber slip rings).


Slip rings are usually installed at the center of rotation of the equipment, and are mainly composed of two parts: rotating and stationary. The rotating part is connected to the rotating structure of the device and rotates with it, called the "rotor", and the stationary part is connected to the energy source of the fixed structure of the device, called the "stator". The slip ring as a whole relies on the principle of elastic lap joint, rolling lap joint, or sealing principle, as well as ingenious design of motion structure and sealing structure, precise parts production and coordination, reasonable material selection, etc., to form a stable and reliable rotary communication system. As long as the slip ring is installed on the infinitely rotating equipment, it can provide unlimited power energy to the rotating body.


In addition to being classified according to the transmission medium, slip rings can also be classified according to their structure. For example, JINPAT Electronics divides its slip rings into cap type (LPC/LPM/LPMS), hollow shaft (LPT), split type (LPS), disc type (LPK/LPKS), and high current series (LPA). In addition to these electrical slip rings, high frequency slip rings (LPHF) and fiber optic slip rings (LPFO) are also classified separately. Since the era of electrification came first, conductive slip rings are the most widely used among all slip rings. In addition, there are many upstream industries, so many names of conductive slip rings have been handed down, including but not limited to slip ring boxes, central collectors, slip rings, collector rings, slip rings, swivel joints, electrical swivel joints, etc.


For a long time, major slip ring manufacturers including JINPAT Electronics have developed many general-purpose ultra-high standard slip rings according to the actual needs of the market. These slip rings include conductive slip rings, special high-frequency slip rings and optical fiber slip rings for transmitting infrared signals and gas-liquid slip rings for transmitting fluid media. When the standard slip ring cannot meet the demand, it needs to be customized. JINPAT Electronics provides various signal types, number of channels, speed, operating temperature, current size, fluid medium pressure, protection level and other options for customer customization.