Application of Slip Ring in Lithium Battery Automatic Filling Machine

November 6, 2020
Latest company news about Application of Slip Ring in Lithium Battery Automatic Filling Machine

At present, automation equipment plays an important role in our daily life: machining, welding, heat treatment, surface coating, loading and unloading, potting, assembling, testing and warehouse stacking. With their high efficiency, precise positioning and long-term operation cycle, automated equipment completes work that cannot be done by humans. The "rotating joint" (slip ring) plays a key role. Slip rings give more flexibility to machinery and equipment and automate them through data transmission instructions. Slip ring is undoubtedly the core component in automation equipment. In the lithium battery automatic filling machines, slip rings support the robotic arms of the machines and therefore allow efficient and quick filling of batteries.


Typical products:

LPT000- 15602/16802/18002/20002/24002/26002



-Generally there are 20 channels per station with strong anti-interference ability

-Sub-module design to control the cumulative error of the slip ring

-Special structure design to control the concentricity of slip ring

-Rich experience in product line assembling, models in various size to fit in different applications

-Secure structure, reliable inspections from design, manufacture, finish product, to ensure stable performance

-Precise wiring technology to ensure that the wiring is well-organized, beautiful and clearly arranged