JINPAT Super Miniature Capsule Slip Ring for Handheld Camera Stabilizer

November 11, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT Super Miniature Capsule Slip Ring for Handheld Camera Stabilizer

4G era brings great convenience to people’s daily life—people can get easy access to various kinds of videos. Behind this is a huge video creation industry chain. As a professional rotary transmission solution provider, JINPAT Electronics support the field with its good-quality and innovative slip ring products. So how does JINPAT play a part in photographing devices?

In today’s marketplace, there are all kinds of stabilizers and gimbals for relative photographing devices. Among them, handheld camera stabilizer is economical and popular. Some handheld camera gimbal companies take Inception-style photographing as the selling point of the product. To realize this special photographing effect, the camera on the stabilizer has to shoot the object with a 360-degree rotation. A slip ring is needed to allow rotation of the stabilizer.

Comparatively, slip rings applied in camera stabilizer is simple. Their sole mission is to transmit electricity from the stabilizer battery to the stabilizer motor while rotating. Handheld camera stabilizers are handy and with compact structures. So, super miniature slip ring is the perfect solution for the camera gimbals. JINPAT super miniature capsule slip ring with channel number ranges from 4-12. Adopting plastic housing, LPMS-12 is the largest among the series with diameter of 11.1mm and 24mm in length. Also with 12 channels, LPMS-12U adopts metal housing with a diameter of only 6.5mm and 17.4mm in length.

Thanks to its compact size and light weight, JINPAT LPMS-12U is the most commonly used slip ring model in handheld camera stabilizer. Its annual production reaches up to 500,000 pieces. JINPAT LPMS-12U is the most representative model in this application. Capsule slip rings in smaller size are available under request. JINPAT make custom slip rings that best fit in the client’s special application. JINPAT has developed Gigabit Ethernet slip ring with minimum diameter which is based on JINPAT LPMS-12U slip ring.

Aside from camera stabilizer, JINPAT slip ring has found board application in various fields and has won great reputation. Clients are very satisfied with JINPAT slip rings.