JINPAT Slip Ring for Remote Weapon System

November 13, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Ring for Remote Weapon System

With the development in modern society, not only commercial industries are going through automation, military field is also looking for technology to replace human force. In the high-end military equipment, slip rings or rotary joints are essential components. As an established slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT Electronics is the slip ring providers in several kinds of these advanced military equipment. Remote weapon system, also known as RWS, is a typical high-end military equipment. In this application, slip ring demonstrates its great value.

Remote weapon system is a vital military equipment. RWS integrates weapons, electro-optic sight system and communication system. The application of this modern equipment can help reduce human force, reducing potential casualty of soldiers. In RWS, the slip ring/ rotary joint shoulders the mission of enabling complex power and data transmission. And given the harsh application environment—battle fields, slip rings should be with high protection grade that ensures shock-resistance and high/low temperature tolerance. JINPAT military slip rings are perfectly designed to fulfill all the requirements of the RWS. JINPAT slip rings adopt metal/gold contact that reduce friction and therefore guarantee smooth rotation. Meanwhile, JINPAT slip rings can integrate different transmission channels, and demonstrate excellent performance in transmitting various signals while maintaining constant movement. JINPAT provides perfect solutions for RWS. And for different remote weapon systems, JINPAT can offer custom slip rings and rotary joints, making the equipment more flexible and reliable.