Slip Rings for Airborne Equipment

November 16, 2020
Latest company news about Slip Rings for Airborne Equipment

As a technology intensive mechanical engineering industry, modern aircrafts are usually equipped with various kinds of high-tech equipment. And among these edged equipment, most demand the application of slip rings. JINPAT Electronics is a slip rings manufacturer with a rich experience in developing slip rings for both civil and military aviation fields.

As an expert in slip ring and rotary solutions, JINPAT has developed up to 100 models of specialized slip rings for civil and military aircrafts. To begin with, the remote control storage device on the passenger seat adopts slip ring. Compared to military aviation, civil aviation has a more severe restriction on the components. And the work voltage is relatively low. Therefore, the light-weighted and compact size super miniature slip ring is a perfect model in this circumstance. According to the special need of the client, JINPAT has developed a USB slip ring-- LPMS-06B-U2, specially for the application in the remote control storage devices. This slip ring model is developed from the standard model JINPAT LPMS-06B. LPMS-06B-U2 is even lighter in weight, being controlled within 15-20g, and so won’t cause any stress to the load of the civil plane.

What’s more, the initial navigation system of the civil plane also needs slip rings. And for some special usage civil aviation, there is a satellite communication antenna that also adopts slip ring as an important component. These two applications in facts, are adopted by both civil plane and military aviation. And from most of our customers ‘cases, super miniature capsule slip rings are the most commonly applied models. But given the capacity is decided by the channel numbers, the adopted super miniature slip rings are relatively larger than the standard models.

Aside from super miniature slip ring, customized through-bore slip rings are also frequently applied in air crafts, especially in military aviation. Slip rings are applied in the airborne radars or other communication devices. JINPAT has developed tens of slip ring models for customers at home and board, and has received satisfied feedbacks. Since the applications are related to radio communication, slip rings adopted are usually integrated with high frequency rotary joints to realize transmission of middle/high frequency data and other data.