Application of Slip Ring in Rocker arm Camera

July 11, 2023
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Rocker arm camera is a special type of camera, the rocker arm is the main support structure of the camera, usually composed of one or more joints. These joints allow the camera to move and rotate in both vertical and horizontal directions, allowing for multiple angles and viewing angles. By providing power and signal transmission, the slip ring enables the camera to maintain continuous power supply and data transmission without being bound by wires when rotating and tilting.


The slip ring plays the following main roles in the rocker arm camera equipment:


1. Power transmission: slip rings can transmit power signals to ensure continuous power supply when the camera device is rotating or moving. Through the power connection provided by the slip ring, the camera device can avoid wire entanglement and pulling, and maintain a stable power supply.


2. Signal transmission: In addition to the power supply, the slip ring also transmits various signals, such as video signals, audio signals and control signals. These signals can include images and video data taken by cameras, as well as communication signals between other devices. Through the signal transmission function of the slip ring, the camera equipment can realize real-time data transmission and remote control.


3. Rotational freedom: The slip ring allows the camera device to maintain a continuous power and signal connection while rotating or moving, without being restricted by cables. This gives the camera device more freedom and flexibility, allowing it to freely rotate, swing or move without restrictions to capture the desired footage.


4. High-definition video transmission: Some high-end camera equipment needs to transmit high-definition video signals to obtain clearer and more accurate images and video data. The slip ring can transmit high-quality video signals, ensuring that the video data is not interfered with and lost during transmission, so as to achieve high-definition video transmission.


In summary, the function of slip ring in camera equipment mainly includes providing power and signal transmission, maintaining rotational freedom and realizing high-definition video transmission. In this use scenario, the SDI series HD video signal slip ring developed by JINPAT Electronics adopts the design of ultra-high redundancy, which can ensure the stability and reliability of the slip ring signal transmission in the work of the rocker arm camera, providing users with better experience and higher quality image and video data.