Slip Ring Applications on Intelligent Robots

July 14, 2023
Latest company news about Slip Ring Applications on Intelligent Robots

On intelligent robots, slip rings are usually used to achieve power transmission and signal transmission to meet the robot's power needs and data exchange needs. The following are common slip ring applications on intelligent robots:


1. Power transmission: Intelligent robots usually require a power supply to drive various electric components, such as motors, actuators and sensors. By providing a rotating interface, the slip ring can realize the transmission of electrical energy, so that the robot can continue to supply power during the movement, without being limited by the cable. This is critical for robots that need to move and operate freely.


2. Signal transmission: Intelligent robots need to communicate and exchange data with various sensors, controllers and external devices. Slip rings can transmit a variety of signals, including sensor data, images, audio, video and control signals. By transmitting signals through the slip ring, the robot can obtain environmental information in real time, execute instructions, and interact with external devices.


3. Joint control: slip ring plays an important role in robot joint control. The joint is the moving part of the robot, and the slip ring can be used to transmit the power and control signals of the joint to realize the free rotation or movement of the joint, and to maintain the power supply and data connection.


4. Rotating parts control: Some intelligent robots may have rotating parts, such as cameras, lidar, etc. Slip rings can transmit power and signals to rotating parts, allowing them to maintain a continuous power supply and data transmission during movement.


5. Data acquisition and transmission: the slip ring can be integrated with various sensors to collect environmental data and transmit data to the robot's control system or external equipment through the slip ring. This allows the robot to sense and analyze environmental information in real time and act accordingly as needed.


The application of slip rings in intelligent robots helps to provide continuity in power supply and data interaction, enabling robots to perform various tasks and functions. This technology makes robots more flexible, reliable and improves their effectiveness in a variety of applications. In the field of robot conductive slip ring, JINPAT's gas-liquid electrical signal integrated slip ring is very common. This kind of product integrates the gas-liquid module and gas-liquid module together, which is divided into solid and perforated two types. The representative model of the first conductive slip ring is LPT000-0508-E2-01A. This type of product integrates 5 8A power rings, 1 100 MEgabit network and 1 gas path, and has the advantages of small size and long design life. Through the hole industrial machine popular hydraulic integrated conductive slip ring, there is LPT080-0220-05S-01A, this integrated product has 80mm center through the hole, integrated 1 gas path, can be applied to larger industrial robots, in order to enable it to work in the harsher environment, its design protection level reached IP64.