Wind Power Equipment Slip Ring

July 21, 2023
Latest company news about Wind Power Equipment Slip Ring

In wind power generation equipment, slip rings (also known as wind power slip rings or wind power slip rings) are a key component used to achieve signal transmission and power supply between the rotating and fixed parts of the wind turbine (wind turbine) blades. Wind turbines need to be able to turn to adjust the Angle of the blades according to the wind direction, so as to maximize the capture of wind energy. In this process, slip ring technology plays an important role.


The following are the main uses of slip rings in wind power equipment:


1. Blade Angle adjustment: The blades of wind turbines need to be angled according to wind direction and intensity to capture the maximum amount of wind energy. The slip rings transmit signals to the blade adjustment system as the wind turbine rotates, ensuring that the blades adjust their angles in real time according to the direction of the wind.


2. Power transmission: Generators in wind turbines need to generate electricity and transmit it back to the ground grid. Slip rings enable the transfer of electrical energy so that the rotation of the wind turbine does not interfere with the transmission of electricity, while ensuring that the wind turbine is always connected to the grid when operating.


3. Signal transmission: In addition to blade Angle adjustment, there may be other control and monitoring systems in the wind turbine, such as speed monitoring, temperature monitoring, etc. The slip ring transmits these control signals and sensor data in order to monitor the operating status of the wind turbine.


4. Steering system: Some large wind power plants may need to be able to steer themselves to align with the wind direction. In this case, the slip rings transmit the signals needed for the steering system, ensuring that the wind turbine is always oriented in the most favorable direction.


The slip rings in wind power equipment require a high degree of reliability and durability, as they rotate at high speeds most of the time and are often exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Therefore, the design and material selection of slip rings are crucial to ensure the reliable operation and long life of the equipment. At the same time, regular maintenance and inspection of the slip ring is also necessary to ensure its normal operation and timely detection of potential problems. The SPT038-0722-12S slip ring specially developed by JINPAT for wind power generation equipment not only has the above four functions, but also has been strengthened in design, which greatly increases the service life in harsh environments.