Truck Crane Slip Ring

August 1, 2023
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In truck cranes (also known as truck lifting equipment or truck lifting sets), slip rings are a key mechanical component that enables the rotation of the body and boom, and transmits signals and power supplies during the rotation. Truck cranes are often used to move and lift heavy loads, and the boom needs to be able to rotate horizontally in order to move the cargo to the target position. Slip ring technology enables the boom to rotate 360 degrees while the body is still, while ensuring that the boom's signal and electrical connections are not interfered with. Main applications include:


1. Rotating mechanism: the lifting arm of the truck crane is connected with the body through the slip ring to form a rotating mechanism. The slip ring allows the boom to rotate horizontally around the body, giving the crane a wider working range and greater flexibility.


2. Power transmission: The truck crane needs electricity to drive the boom, hydraulic system and other related equipment. Slip rings transmit electrical energy to ensure that these devices are continuously powered and in normal working condition during the rotation of the crane.


3. Signal transmission: The crane may be equipped with a variety of sensors and control devices, such as tilt sensors, height sensors and hydraulic controllers, for monitoring and controlling the position and status of the boom. The slip ring can transmit the signals collected by these sensors to the control center of the vehicle body, thus realizing the remote monitoring and operation of the crane.


4. Communication equipment: Some modern truck cranes may also be equipped with communication equipment for remote communication with the operator or monitoring center. The slip ring can realize the signal transmission of the communication equipment and ensure that the communication function of the crane is not interfered with during the rotation process.


Truck crane slip rings require a high degree of reliability and durability, as cranes are often used in a variety of working environments and need to withstand repeated rotations and workloads. The stability and performance of slip ring technology is essential to ensure the safe operation and efficient operation of the crane. Therefore, JINPAT specially developed for truck crane LPTS000-0330-1105 slip ring, not only has a stable signal transmission function in heavy equipment, but also takes into account the anti-interference communication of crane communication equipment.