Military Airborne Slip Ring in JINPAT

August 8, 2023

The LPK025-0204 slip ring launched by JINPAT is a slip ring specially used for military aircraft, and is an important component used in military aircraft or drones. A device that allows electrical signals and power transmission to pass from a fixed part (such as the fuselage of an aircraft) to a rotating part (such as a rotating wing or steering surface).


In military aircraft, slip rings can be used for many different purposes, including but not limited to the following:


1. Power transmission: the slip ring can transmit power from the fixed part to the rotating part, and supply rotating parts such as radar, electric motor, rotating camera, etc.


2. Data transmission: The slip ring can transmit sensor data, communication signals and other critical data, so that the rotating part can communicate and exchange data with the fixed part.


3. Control signal transmission: It is used to control the signal transmission of rotating parts such as the steering surface and flaps of the aircraft.


4. All kinds of sensor power supply and signal transmission: used to meet the power needs of various systems and equipment and to transmit the corresponding data and signals.


Military aircraft slip rings require a high degree of reliability, durability and anti-interference capability to ensure stable operation under harsh conditions. These slip rings are usually produced by specialized aerospace companies and are designed and manufactured to follow strict quality standards and safety specifications. LPK025-0204 slip ring, in order to meet the high precision of aerospace requirements, but also suitable for a variety of high temperature and high pressure environment, professional slip ring, in JINPAT.