Cap Type Integrated Fiber Optic Signal

August 15, 2023
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In some mechanical devices or systems, such as rotating work disks, turntables, platforms, etc., it may also be necessary to use slip rings (swivel joints) to achieve electrical or signal transmission. These slip rings are similar in principle to the slip rings in radar antennas, but are applied to different mechanical components and requirements.


The function of the slip ring on the rotating pan is to transmit power, signal or data without causing the cable to twist or break while the work is circling. This is a common application in some automation devices, robotic arms, rotating platforms, display equipment, etc., that require rotating motion.


In a rotating pan, the design of the slip ring depends on the specific application requirements. Some common design features include:


1. Electrical conduction: slip rings must provide a reliable electrical connection to transmit current or signals. This could involve metal brushes and toroidal conductive tracks, electromagnetic coupling technology, or even fiber optic transmission, depending on transmission requirements and environmental conditions.


2. Low friction and wear: the slip ring should be designed to minimize friction and wear when rotating to extend its service life.


3. Signal quality: For applications that need to transmit data or signals, the slip ring must maintain good signal quality to avoid signal loss or interference.


4. Environmental adaptability: slip rings may work in a variety of environmental conditions, including wet, corrosive, high or low temperature environments. Therefore, the design must consider environmental adaptability.


5. Mechanical stability: The mechanical structure of the slip ring should be stable enough to withstand the movement and weight of the rotating working disc.


In short, the slip rings on rotating workplates play an important role in modern automation, industrial production and other fields, ensuring reliable electrical connections and data transmission during rotation. When designing slip rings, many factors need to be considered to meet the requirements of specific applications. JINPAT's LPR series slip rings perfectly integrate the stability of signal power transmission and the strength of structural function, and have provided the perfect solution for rotating work plates, turntables, platforms and other facilities.