Application of Slip Ring on Laser Tracker

January 15, 2020
Latest company news about Application of Slip Ring on Laser Tracker

With the development of industrial automation, laser tracker is a high-precision measuring instrument in the field of industrial measurement, which is widely used in research, design and testing in various industries. Everyone knows that high-precision measuring instruments have 360-degree precision, high efficiency, and real-time tracking measurement requirements, and the conductive slip ring can solve the problem of 360° rotation transmitting various special signals for these devices.


Modern high-precision laser trackers are small and precise, requiring continuous aiming, tracking, and determining the point of motion in space, while determining the spatial coordinates of the target point. The slip ring needs to be installed at the rotating joint of the device, and the flexible rotating structure allows the customer to get more convenience during use.


Among them, the instability of the slip ring dynamic resistance, signal transmission error, packet loss and other issues are important indicators that affect its measurement accuracy. Then you need to use special materials and manufacturing processes to control, so that the slip ring can stably transmit various signals and energy at high speed.


In response to the needs of a foreign laser tracker manufacturer, the Jinpat R&D team quickly came up with a solution to rebuild the existing standard hat-slip ring and developed a variety of laser tracker-specific slip rings. It can meet the transmission of various data signals such as Gigabit Ethernet during 360° continuous rotation of the device.