JINPAT Slip Rings Used in Industrial Machinery

January 9, 2020
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Manufacturers of industrial machinery sought higher productivity at lower costs, Jinpat Slip ring specialty is to provide high performance rotary solutions with electric, hydraulic and hybrid technologies, Jinpat Slip Rings can be used in any system requiring the transmission of electrical power and signals from a fixed to an intermittently or continuously rotating system.


Jinpat slip rings come in hundreds of sizes and are used industrial machinery. Use of channeled brush technology increases life by providing multiple points of contact and reducing the contact pressure between the brush and the ring. Moreover, the use of noble metals (gold to gold alloy) assures long life, reduced noise or interference between circuits, and low friction torque.


Typical Application



Material Handling Metal Forming and Presses
Mobile Machinery Controls Packaging Machinery
Plastics Machine Building Robotics