Application of Slip Ring in Special Ships

October 25, 2019
Latest company news about Application of Slip Ring in Special Ships

On the vast ocean, there are all kinds of ships floating. On the bridges of medium and large ships, we can see a strip of objects that keep turning around, which is responsible for detecting obstacles for ships. Navigation radars, which typically use a high-frequency rotary joint or a combined conductive slip ring that integrates the joint to complete a 360° rotational transmission of the signal.


In addition to military and civilian ships, special vessels such as marine engineering, marine exploration, and scientific research are also the major users of conductive slip rings. Compared with ordinary ships, it has more demanding and special requirements. For example, the conductive slip ring used in drilling equipment on offshore oil rigs, the basic requirement is to achieve a certain level of explosion-proof level, in addition to the integration of high power and multi-signal path and higher protection level. This type of high-power signal combination and explosion-proof conductive slip ring, JINPAT Electronics has developed and mass produced a variety of models.


In addition to the use of slip rings for drilling equipment, there are other small equipment for drilling platforms that also require slip rings. The LPS-0705, was specially developed for it. Unlike the conventional split-type slip ring, it requires IP54 protection level.JINPAT has redesigned it from the basis of the hat slip ring. Finally, the stator of the slip ring is designed to have a circular and conical shape, and the rotor is inserted and removed. Due to the plug-in design, it does not use the brush of the conventional slip ring, but uses a conductive pin and copper,The ring makes contact.


There are a variety of precision instruments on marine engineering vessels and scientific research vessels are equipped with precision electrical signal integrated combined slip rings. There is a slip ring that is transplanted from the ground, that is, the crane slip ring. However, because the marine crane has higher lifting capacity and higher power, the required conductive slip ring is also the same as the oil drilling platform drilling equipment. Greater power capability and integrated signal transmission path. In addition, many of the marine scientific research vessels are equipped with winches for reclaiming deep-sea detection equipment. This type of winch generally uses a fiber-optic integrated slip ring.