JINPAT Hydraulic Slip Ring and Its Specification

October 17, 2019
Latest company news about JINPAT Hydraulic Slip Ring and Its Specification

JINPAT hydraulic slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that required continues rotation, unrestrained, transfer power, data, gas fluid, and intermittent, etc. This type of slip ring can transfer the gas, power, fluid, and liquid, advanced sealing that make sure to transfer reliability. It offered an extremely low resistance electrically that is why the electrical conduction part is liquid.


It is bounded the contact molecularly. The brushes that are used in slip ring rings are commonly composed of the metal rings which are attached with graphite and metal brush rubs. These slip rings transferred the electrical signals and current. It has 1 to 24 channels that are optional. It has 360 Degree transmission power that is used to compresses the hot oil, water, positive pressure, negative pressure, cool water, signal, power, data, and etc. the main application of hydraulic slip ring is packing machine, automation equipment, CNC machine, and etc. the brushes are typically simple in use.